About Herbert



Herbert was unconventional. Flush with money made in the burgeoning timber industry, he topics for a persuasive speech eschewed the rules imposed by society at that time and embraced completely the bohemian San Francisco lifestyle of the day.

After his wife banned Herbert and his buddies from her house, Herbert founded the private Herbert’s Bachelor’s Club and invited “gentlemen and women of fine character” to join in the bonhomie. Herbert Hotel continues Herbert’s tradition of warm hospitality and practical accommodations, and is now a home away from home for adventurous travelers from the world over.



The historic hotel has 99 guestrooms, ranging in size from approximately 400SF (our Deluxe Queen-Queen) to 250-300 square feet (our Economy Rooms). Note that our Economy Rooms feature a hallway bathroom and shower room, shared with no more than four other similar rooms per floor. These European-style amenities are the perfect way for cost-conscious travelers to enjoy all the fun that San Francisco has to offer. We know Herbert would approve.

Herbert Hotel is located at:

161 Powell Street
San Francisco, CA 94102
Phone: (415) 362-1600
Fax: (415) 941-6701

You can email Herbert at frontdesk@theherberthotel.com